About Us

Ririro is on a mission to provide all children easy access to reading materials. Therefore we offer free online stories for kids. The stories can be read, downloaded and printed online and cover a wide range of topics, including animals, fantasy, science, history, diverse cultures and much more. By offering a wide variety of stories, we want to ensure that every child can find something that matches his or her interests and environment.

In addition, we hope that our materials encourage parents and teachers to read a story to children every day. Firstly, this helps with the language development of the child. Reading stories aloud helps children learn new words and phrases, which increases vocabulary and helps them learn grammar.

With 20 minutes of reading a day you reach a language input of 1,000,000 words per year. If you read a new 5 minute story every day, you expose your child to 15,000 unique words per year. To put this in perspective, an average six-year-old child has a receptive vocabulary of 4,500 words.

Second, reading aloud stories online can contribute to better concentration and attention. When a child is interested in a story, it will be able to concentrate better and pay attention for longer. This can also help develop the child’s reading skills.

Third, reading aloud children’s books online can have a positive impact on a child’s emotional development. Stories can help children understand and process emotions. It can also provide a safe way to talk about difficult topics.

Fourth, reading aloud can contribute to the relationship between parent and child. When parents take time to read aloud, they are signaling that they are interested in their child’s interests and that they are important.

Finally, reading aloud free online kids books can also contribute to a child’s general education. Stories can introduce children to different cultures, historical events, science and much more.

In short, we try to make reading stories accessible to everyone with our product. All materials are free to use in the classroom. Our stories are also available in about ten other languages. Are you missing a story or a language? Feel free to send us a message at pim@ririro.com!